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We offer well managed, efficiently run, safe, modern studio (bachelor) flats to rent in Germiston.
(A bachelor or studio flat is like a bedsitter – it does not have a separate bedroom.)
Are you tired of struggling to find safe, clean, decent, studio flats to rent in a really nice area? Would you like a place where you are appreciated and your problems are solved immediately?
Relax !!
We have stunning, modern studio (bachelor) flats to rent that you will love and where you will be happy. The grounds are extremely secure and the gardens are magnificent – a tranquil oasis where you can catch your breath.
There is also covered parking for your valuable motor car.
In other words, feel confident that you just arrived home!
See what others think about staying with us .
Check out our furnished  and unfurnished accommodation.
Everything you need is close by.
SEND the email above (or phone 083 268 4889) to let us know when you want to come. See you soon!